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Jiří Vandas

Mr. Jiri (George) Vandas is known mainly for professional numismatic public.

He started to collect coins more than 40 years ago. In 1984 he became a trader in the field of coins and other collectibles (stamps, medals) and in 1990 founded his own "Coin Shop".

In addition to business he publishes professional literature for collectors (developed by a series of small price lists for collectors - Prices  of Cz. coins, Prices of coins of Franz Joseph I.., Prices Of Cz. paper money and others), is the author of "Coins and others" for beginners. His publishing credits include also the issue of Numismaticky sbornik XIX. in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology and a book of Lubomir Nemeškal "The beginning of mintage of the Czech tolar and the End of the mintage of the Prague Grossus".

In 1992 he co-founded the company Zlatá Koruna Ltd., which is engaged in emissions medals in gold and silver.

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